Gas Line Services

Gas Line Repair and Installation Services

gasline repair and installation dallas georgia pictureWhen you need to repair or move natural gas lines or propane gas lines in your home or business you should use a qualified professional plumber licensed in Georgia and properly insured. At Pipe Rite Plumbing we are fully licensed and certified to safely repair gas leaks and move or install natural or propane gas lines.

Pipe Rite Plumbing's expertise in gas line repair, replacement, or re-routing is second to none, so you can be assured that your gas line repair or installation will be done safely as well as cost effectively.

We can also run a gas line into the home if the home has not had gas service previously. Once the new meter is installed we can run the main pipe into the home and through the house to the areas where the gas is needed. This may be for a hot water heater or a gas dryer, for example.

Gastite piping, or corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) piping is commonly used today, but we also repair and will install iron gas pipe in your home or business. We can handle all your gas piping needs, including:

  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas line valve replacement
  • Gas piping moved for new gas appliance configuration
  • Gas piping installed for new gas appliance installation
  • Outdoor gas grill installation